Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Dear Applicant;

Thank you for taking the time to consider applying for a volunteer firefighter position with Langford Fire Rescue. We consider ourselves to be a very strong and proud composite fire department made up of over 50 volunteer firefighters and 11 career staff. Our business is providing fire and rescue services to the Langford community. On average, we respond to over 1,500 incidents per year. This service includes responding to fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle incidents, flooding and storm related incidents and a variety of other emergency situations. Both the residents living in the City of Langford and visitors are considered our customers and we treat them and their property with the utmost respect at all times. Conducting ourselves in a positive, courteous and polite manner is an engrained part of what we do and who we are as a department. We are a progressive, equal opportunity organization that is committed to excellence in the service we provide. To maintain our high degree of professionalism we have very high expectations for personal conduct and commitment to our organization and its vision, mission and values. It takes a considerable amount of dedication to training, emergency calls and public events to by an effective part of our organization.

The benefits of being a member of our team are many. Developing firefighters is only part of what we do; we also focus on developing well-rounded people and provide a foundation to allow them to succeed in all aspects of life. We reward our firefighters with personal development, fitness, health and wellness training and recreational opportunities. We also host events throughout the year to formally recognize the contributions of our firefighters. We have many family events including a kids Christmas party and Summer BBQ. We believe in putting family first and consider all family members to be an integral part of the group.

Prior to filling out the application form, we ask that you take a moment to consider if you have the necessary time available to commit. During your first year you can expect to spend approximately 150 hours on training alone. Once you meet our minimum level of training to become operational, you will then be expect to participate in a minimum of three 12-hour stipend shifts (night or weekend) per month. When at home and/or available, you are expected to attend emergencies when your pager is activated. Emergency calls can often occur during dinner time or in the middle of the night.

We encourage you to discuss your application with your family or partner at length to ensure they support you in your efforts. If you reside in the City of Langford and collectively decide this is something you are interested in adding to your life, we look forward to accepting you application.

Thank you again for taking the time to investigate this opportunity to serve your community.

Chris Aubrey
Fire Chief


Click HERE to begin your process of application, including a determination of eligibility (based on your location of residence).